Service Coaching

Can I optimize my work environment?
Can I change my product?
Can I make more profit?
Can I improve my management?

We can help you with these 4 questions and make your company develop and grow.

Service Coach
We provide teaching, which will help to improve the efficiency of the employees. We will also help you get a good work environment in order to maximize profitability.

Menu Development

We will create unique recipes according to your vision fowling the stick HACCP Plan in Denmark and providing a detailed cost of production.

Booking Development

If you are dealing with overbookings, we will help you by maximizing the turnover of restaurant to increase your profit.

New Business Ideas

We will look into your business in order to see how it is running and analyze what is missing, as well as help you with marketing strategies, creating value in the business by following the new trends and possible expansion of the company. If you are looking into start up a new business we can also help create it out of your concept.

Our Concept

Our work brings value to the clients through our ability of creating a culture, which will help to coordinate all the moving parts of a restaurant and its personal.

By creating a culture we are introducing DNA in to the company were the team will be committed, unique, loyal, trusted, unified, respected and ethical helping to improve systems and services in the company.

Mission Statement

Building Teams:

We will help you to create your team. By making a good work environment, developing cooperation and implement possesses.
To become more profitable and service mined.

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Francisco Fernandes - CEO - Wiwidi
Logistics, Distribution and Demand Consultant
Through the years he has worked in Hotels such as Cap-Rocat in Palma de Mallorca, Amanfayun in China and Kasbah Tamadot in Marrakech.
He is finishing is studies in International Hospitality Management at CPH Business Academy and worked in Restaurants such as MASH and cocktail bars like NOHO and K-Bar.
Specializing in Distribution, Revenue & Demand Management from ESSE Business School in Paris and Food & Beverage Management at EHTDL in Portugal Francisco is a very service minded person that focuses on the well being of the employees and optimization of profits in the company.
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Anna Siemieniuk
Advertising and Photo Consultant
Since I can remember I was always running with a camera. When I was very young my dad started teaching me the basics of filming.
I am an empathetic person with great understanding of people’s behavior, their reactions to surroundings and what goes with it - their movement. For me that is the key to capture the perfect moment, the vibe of the situation and at the end the ideal picture not only in photography but also in filming.
My biggest strength in video making is editing. I am a fan of solving puzzles and to me this is the closest I can get to describe what video editing is for me. I find it interesting and exciting how pieces of the footage, almost on their own, start to create a new, exciting story in front of my eyes.
Did we mention that Anna was only 3 years old when she started snapping pictures? - Talk about a lifetime of experience!
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Alexander Machon
Software, SEO and Adword Consultant
Alexander is a self-taught software developer, and SEO and Adwords-expert. He has created websites for, Dagens Cocktail &
Alexander keeps WiWiDi’s clients updated on new trends in search engine optimization techniques and also keeps track of performance in Google Analytics.
He has experience from leading bars, Hotels and restaurants from around the world, and he is therefore specially qualified for SEO management and web-development in the service industry.
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Aurimas Mul
Cocktail Creation Consultant
From Business Studies in the UK to a job at the European Parliament, Aurimas found his passion in cocktail crafting and the service industry in Copenhagen. His bartending skills have gotten him great results at cocktail competitions such as the prestigious title of World Champion of Marie Brizard 2014. Did we mention that he is also the Scandinavian Bulldog Gin brand ambassador?
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Ekaterina Lunkova
Booking and Turnover Consultant
Ekaterina ended her studies at Les Roches Marbella Hospitality School and started her career in Barcelona. While craving for more challenges she moved to Dubai to work at La Petite Maison at the Reception team being part of opening and consulting other venues.
She moved to Copenhagen to work at MASH restaurant doing exactly what she does the best - optimizing bookings and improving turnover.
Ekaterina is service minded, thinking outside the box to find new solutions.
Focusing on guests relations, booking development and improve reservation procedures. She will help you to create the better team.
The adventure is not over yet and she is now on the way to Los Angeles to give her services in consultancy.
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Steffen Tom C Burmeister
Menu Development Consultant
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Michael Rosenfeldt
Video and Media Consultant
Michael is a graphic designer and video maker from Johannesburg, South Africa, but right now he lives and works with us in Copenhagen. Having worked in cocktail bars, while studying Digital Concept Development, Michael has a keen eye for design within the service industry, and is able to utilise it in order to improve the experience of guests, employees and employers.
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Quinta do Estrepão (Guimarães, Portugal)
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

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